Everything Dance

Dance has been a huge part of my life–from the time I started ballet at age 9 to my switchover to Spanish flamenco at age 14. After 10 years of ballet, I decided that I had had enough and that is was time to devote my time wholeheartedly to flamenco. It’s such a unique and mysterious dance form and everyone I’ve run into barely knows what it is. Most people think it’s “flamingo” and I have to correct them! I’ve been dancing flamenco for 11 years now and have come to learn that it’s one of the most expressive forms of dance out there.

I bring this up because this weekend the Festival of Nations at Tower Grove Park is happening and the best part of it is, guess what? DANCE!!! Ethnic companies from all over the St. Louis area dance on a monstrous stage! African, Irish, Chinese, Mexican, Hawaiian and…..flamenco!!!  Come on out and see the most beautiful sport! I will be performing with my company on the mainstage between noon and 1pm on Sunday, Aug. 25!


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