One of my Favorite Pastimes: Thrifting

Growing up in a middle-class, one-income family, I was brought up to be thrifty in a whole lotta ways. Now that I’m 25, I still carry that efficient mentality with me wherever I go–unless I find myself at the mall, that is. Whenever I have a lineup of errands to run, I plot my route, as my mom taught me, ordering my stops in the most gas-friendly manner possible. I usually buy off-brands because everyone knows as well as I that you’re really spending that extra $3-4 for just the brand name (my advertising classes in college made me wise).All the ingredients are pretty much the same as the generic.

But, the most fun way that my money savviness expresses itself is through my love of thrifting! Back when I was young, my mama hardly ever dressed me in brand new clothes; it just wasn’t worth it to spend all that money on clothing that I now know was made for just pennies overseas and it still isn’t worth it. I’d rather go on the hunt for treasures at my local Value Village thrift store. There’s nothing better than something catching your eye–unless it fits you too, which makes it even more fantastic! I just went today actually and below is a picture of the 5 articles of clothing that I got for $23!


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