Money Management…A Long Time In Coming

If you read my previous post about thrifting, you would probably assume that I manage my money very well. I hate to disappoint you but the truth is that I don’t. Somehow during all the time my parents taught me about frugality and efficiency, the basic principle of saving didn’t get through to me. Once I had a job and was finally making my own  money, I wanted to spend it all–and mostly on myself, too. Sure, I would be spending it at thrift stores and buying cheaper brands, but it was still spending nonetheless. I feel embarrassed to say this, but I’m 25 and still have an issue with not being able to save. I end up going to Target–one of my most popular places–and more often than not I come out with something I purchased.

To combat this issue, I finally took my mom’s advice and bought myself a home budget book. I’m still living with my parents because I cannot afford living on my own as of yet, but I am longing to get my own place. So, this budget book should help me learn to save my pennies! Target, you’ll just have to wait.

P.S. You can find these budget books at your local Office Max or Office Depot store for around $12.


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