Job Hunting and How To Stand Out In An Interview

Now that I’m a recent college graduate, I’m finding myself in the same rut in which I’m sure pretty much all college grads find themselves: the endless pursuit of that coveted job! I have a great looking resume, a professional wardrobe and a firm handshake, but I’ve found that that just isn’t enough to gain victory over my competitors. I found an ancient Spanish proverb that said, “Your worst enemy is always a man of your own trade”.

In the next couple days I’m hoping to get an interview with Semco Plastics for a secretary position for the vice president of the company. I have already been interviewed by the recruiter and there are only 3 applicants being chosen to interview further, me being one of  them! So, in order to stand out in my interview and make sure I am the one chosen, I’ve been doing online research on how to be the “stand-out” interviewee. For those who are in my shoes, please avail yourselves of the links I provided to some of the best websites I uncovered!


3 thoughts on “Job Hunting and How To Stand Out In An Interview

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