A Good Friend and A Hookah

Last night I met up with a very good friend of mine for dinner at Ranoush, a Middle Eastern place that I had wanted to try for some time. After being introduced to a Meat Fatayer–a meat-filled pie–and Kabis–a selection of olives and pickles–I opted for a main course of Lamb Shish Kebab! It was amazing. But, the most thrilling part of the night involved me asking to try a hookah. I had heard about them before and seen them being smoked, so it was definitely my time to shine! Our waitress mixed honey flavor along with peach and lemon. Now, what’s different about smoking a hookah from smoking a cigarette or anything else is that you inhale mostly into your mouth so that you can taste the flavored tobacco; the tobacco is filtered through water and the end result is a mixture of flavored tobacco and water vapor.



3 thoughts on “A Good Friend and A Hookah

  1. What do I really know about this? Not much, but I will say it is still tobacco…… Don’t, and I repeat Don’t, get in the position that you will get hooked. I smoked 7 out of 10 years, quit twice for a year each time, and started up again…. Tobacco is supper addictive in any form….. Thank God I was able to finally kick the habit before it was too late. Even a little bit of tobacco can be addictive. Even 7 years was too much. From what little I’ve read it is still tobacco Emma….. Just thought I’d weigh in….

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