I thought I’d dedicate this post to my furry friend, Eppie. She’s been my pet rabbit for 8 years and I bought her when she was nought but a wee bunny! I am so glad to have her in my life because she has brought nothing but smiles, giggles and elation to me. She and I cuddle, she licks and nudges me and I kiss her on the mouth sometimes! I call her a diva because sometimes she’s so lazy she won’t even get up to eat; she’ll just stick her head in the food bowl. She also lies down with her front feet crossed and she spends a lot of her day primping. She’s so beautiful. If you’re wondering where I got her name from, it’s found in the book, Silas Marner.


2 thoughts on “CuddleBunny

  1. Oh girlfriend please tell me you aren’t mouth kissing that bunny! I went to school with Jenny Nesbit who caught a bad case of snuffles from doing that. They quarantined her for 6 weeks and she still gets sick anytime she’s even close to rabbits. I bought her one of those lucky rabbits paws from Six Flags and she even got sick from that. They wouldn’t even give me a refund. You should google for rabbit snuffles, you don’t want to mess around with it!

    • Well, I guess I’m willing to risk it! My rabbit has hardly ever been sick in her 8 years of living so far, so I think we’re good! But thanks for the advice and concern!

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