5-Min DIY Bottle Cap Earrings

I thought I’d share one of my favorite little crafty things I like to do: making bottle cap earrings! How often do we just throw away the caps to our beer bottles and glass soda bottles? Very often. But have you ever taken the time to look at how neat most of these things are?? They’re amazing! If you’re a server and your restaurant serves alcohol, make sure to keep all the discarded caps! My recipe on how to make perfect earrings takes only about 5 minutes!

Step 1. Rinse off all your caps, cuz who wants ears smelling like stale beer? Not me! 😛 And then get your glue gun heating up (because you’ll be finished making your earrings once this thing heats up, no kidding!)

Step 2. Gather all your supplies: ice pick/awl, hammer, needle nose pliers, beads to add to your earrings, hot glue gun and earring hooks and posts. Here’s a picture of the two last things I listed cuz I don’t know what they’re called.

Or you can use hooks like these (I use these kind):

Step 3. Take your awl and hammer and bang a hole into the lip at the TOP of your cap, make sure it’s in the center of the cap and not off to the side because then your earring won’t hang straight. Then do the same thing on the BOTTOM lip of the cap, exactly across from the first hole. Like so:

Step 4. Take one of your earring posts, and slide a bead of your choosing onto it. If you’d rather not have a bead at the bottom of your earring, just skip this. Then slide the post through the bottom hole of your cap, across the back of the cap and through the top hole. You’ve now just threaded your earring onto your post and the top of the post should be poking up through the top of the  cap.

Step 5. Slide 1-2 small beads onto the top of your post that’s peeking through the top of the bottle cap. There should be about a centimeter of post available. Clip only about a millimeter or two off the top of the post.

Step 6. Take your needle nose pliers, and make a loop out of the remaining section of post. This will keep the beads on and create a loop on which you’ll attach your actual earring hook.

Step 7 (almost there)  Take one of your earring hooks, and using your pliers, open up the little loop at the bottom, slide on your earring, and close up the loop again.

Step 8. Flip your earring over and make sure the hook is facing up to the ceiling because you want to make sure it will hang right (the earring hook loop should be perpendicular to the post loop). Take your glue gun and make two small dabs of glue right where the post goes through the cap, both at the top hole and bottom hole. This will make sure your earring doesn’t spin around when you wear it. Get rid of any excess glue stringy things and you’re finished!

Finished product: Enjoy!


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