It’s The End Of My Food Service World As I Know It

I’m sitting here in the conference room of the events mag for which I write, and I’m thinking about how much things will be changing for me in the next few days–tonight and Saturday night mark the very last days I’ll be working in the food industry. For those of  you who are in my boat, I’m sure you can feel my joy!! I begin my new job as secretary on Monday, and the start of getting a constant paycheck as well. This means that my dream of getting my own place will be closer to coming true. I feel as though my life is finally taking off.

Although I am ecstatic to be leaving this phase of my life behind, I will not forget nor ever forget how blessed I was to have those restaurant jobs. They paid for my bills, my rabbit care, gas for my car and so much more! Many people in this terrible economy would love to have a job like I had and I’d remind myself of that constantly. I urge you guys to do the same. I have been treated both horribly and wonderfully throughout my waitress jobs, but I have become more confident in myself because of it. Cheers to a new job!


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