Ready, Set, Secretary!

Guys! I apologize for letting four days pass without writing to you. Please forgive me yet I must tell you that it was for good reason. As most of you know, I had been offered a job as an executive assistant for a company here in St. Louis, and yesterday was my first day. The night before I hardly slept because of my nervousness building up. But, as with most things I worry about, I always make a mountain out of a molehill. My first day began at 8 am and everyone in the office came to introduce themselves to me! I had my very own reception desk, and my face is the first thing you see when you enter the company, talk about a little intimidating (not to mention my voice being the first thing callers hear as well!!) The day went by pretty uneventfully and by 4:30 pm I had pretty much mastered the art of transferring calls to other extensions as well as voicemails. Below is a picture of my desk area!


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