Secretary Days

I really have no excuse for not posting till now, so I won’t even try to apologize, my dear readers. It’s taken some time (and I just completed my first week) getting used to an 8-4 job, having always been working on weekend nights and constantly on the move at my sushi job. One good side though, to having a full-time job is that fact that I get to gain those few wanted pounds while sitting on my tush all day. Having always been a skinny minny, I’m trying to hit my goal of 130 lbs! I’m only a few away.

Because I have so much free time while at work, I thought of some idea to help pass the time quicker: reading business books, apartment hunting, working on art books. I must say that apartment hunting is SO MUCH FUN! I find myself spending hours looking online at prospective places (I’m not ready to move anywhere yet, but hey, who’s to say I can’t plan and know my options?)

Some of my reading material while at work

Me playing the part of secretary!

Time to make pretty artwork

My dot art creation


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