I have always been a determined girl, I’ve also always been a worrier. How can a person be both those things you ask? Well, frankly, I’m not sure but I am somehow. I have always been afraid of the unknown but I haven’t let that stop me from achieving my goals. I’ll give an example of how I’ve accomplished this in the past.

Back when I was 14, my mom received a pamphlet in the mail about The Congressional Award program. After reading it, she thought it would be beneficial for me, so she set it at my place and let me read it. From my 14th birthday to my 24th, I had 10 years to earn three certificates (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and three medals (Bronze, Silver and Gold). For each of these levels I had a certain number of hours to fulfill in four categories: Personal Development, Volunteering, Physical Fitness and planning an Exploration/Expedition). As I would climb the award levels, the number of hours for each of these categories would increase so that by the time I would reach the Gold medal, I would have 800 hrs total of accomplishments.

Now, reading all this REALLY made me freak out. I’d think to myself, “I know my mom really wants me to do this, and it’s a challenge, but do I seriously want to do ALL this work??” After thinking about it, I made my mind up. I would do it.

The entire process took me five years to complete and I eventually attained my goal of the Gold medal and was awarded it in Washington D.C on June 29, 2009. I had done it. There were tears throughout the whole journey, thoughts of giving up ALWAYS haunted me, but I wasn’t a person to let something get the best of me. Achieving this really made an impact on my life. Sure, I worry still, but I am much more confident in myself and have even more motivation and determination.

For more information about The Congressional Award, click here:

Here I am in the Capital with the coveted Gold Medal!!

Here is the entire group of young people out of the U.S. who achieved the Gold Medal!!



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