Long Live Doc Martens

I hope you–all my readers–had as amazing a weekend as I did. It was quite wonderful. Having my weekends totally off is such an awesome thing and it’s taking a little getting used to, but I’m not complaining here!

On Saturday I slept in–oh how beautiful it was! After cleaning the house and organizing my room, I decided to go shopping with me and myself. After finding a grrrreat deal on Nike’s at Shoe Carnival, I drove to the Galleria on a hunt to find the perfect pair of boots. I had been researching Doc Martens and knew that they were pretty much the end-all, indestructible boot, having been known to last for eternity (no kidding). I ventured into Journey’s and was advised to buy a pair of black ones since it was my first pair. Because of my honking huge feet, I ended up buying size 10’s and they were the most comfortable boots I’ve ever bought. Sure, $120 is rather a lot for boots, but I know these guys will be friends with my feet for the rest of my life! I highly recommend them! Please comment and share photos of your Doc Martens! I’d love to see my readers’ collections!


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