A Fall Must-Have: Chocolate-Cherry Hair

It’s Fridayyy my dear readers! Hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as I am! My boyfriend recently got a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and he and I are hoping to go for a ride on this beautiful weekend to see the fall colors! I had ordered a pink and silver helmet and I can’t wait to try it out!

Also, I have a new hair color to share with you guys: L’Oreal’s Feria Chocolate-Cherry hair color!! It’s the hottest thing right now! I’m not one to express myself via tattoos like some people, I lean towards changing my hair color! I was wanting something darker for fall/winter with some purple in it as well because that’s my favorite. I researched online and came upon the aubergine hue…quite gorgeous. All the customer reviews were 5 stars and that’s what I’d give it as well! Ok, enough with the rambling, I know you guys are wanting to see it! I just highly recommend this color!

It turned out quite lovely as you can see!


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