Sunday Funday

Yesterday my boyfriend and I decided to take his Kawasaki Ninja bike to Alton, IL! We had been planning this outing for awhile, awaiting the perfect weekend to go for it! Yesterday was the day! With a high of 71, the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky, we took off around noon.

Once arriving in Alton, we headed straight for our destination: Fast Eddie’s Bon-Air. If you’re not familiar with this hot-spot, read here about their amazing history. But basically it’s an amazing place to get cheap (and I mean cheap) food and great drinks. Throw in fun, cozy atmosphere and great people and you’re in for a great time.

After a few Miller Lites, we traveled along the Great River Road 12 miles to Grafton, IL. I think every other biker had the same idea, so we probably saw hundreds of bikers and biker couples cruising on their machines through the town. I felt as though I was part of some secret cult and I must say I felt extra special!


Here we are after coming back home after our trip!


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