Christmas-y Things

Hey all! Sorry it’s been a few days since my last post, but, well, you know, Christmas just happened and I’ve been a busy bee! I hope your holiday was filled with coziness and cookies and friends and family and good times all around!

Christmas Eve my mom cooked a fabulous dinner of ham, green beans, Texas Potatoes, cranberry sauce, dressing and sparkling cider, while my dad made a fire in our fireplace. We decorated our tree (that’s our tradition), then sat and listened to a dramatization of The Nativity. This was followed by a dessert of chocolate cool whip pie (another tradition).

Christmas Day I spent with my boyfriend. He and I baked cookies together, sipped on mulled wine and watched movies! We also visited his mom for awhile. It was a great Christmas! The following are some miscellaneous photos that kinda sum up my holiday!

I decided to make my bunny, Eppie, festive! Ribbons on her ears! (She didn’t like them at all, so after taking this photo, I took them off).

Our living room complete with a lit tree, candlelit mantle and a cozy fire!

Yummy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies made by my man and I!


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