Friday Night: Christmas Lights And Hot Cocoa

It’s very unusual for me to write two posts in (almost) one day (it’s 12:19 am right now), so you guys are very lucky. I wanted to clue you in on a very fun evening I had with my family all together. With all of us growing up, it’s really hard to do things as an entire family, so this was very rare yet extremely fun.

My littlest brother expressed a desire to my mom for the whole family to walk around and look at Christmas lights in a nice part of St. Louis, and finish off the night by enjoying hot cocoa in front of a huge pine tree that the city decorates with white lights. This has been our tradition for awhile now, so, since everyone was home on this Friday night, we gave it a go. The weather was great–not too cold–and we weren’t the only people with the same idea!

After an hour of strolling through a true “winter wonderland”, we made our way to the “epic Christmas tree” and sipped my mom’s from-scratch cocoa! My cold insides had never been happier!

I’ve always loved the big, vintage lights!


The “epic Christmas tree” in front of which we enjoyed my mom’s cocoa!


Toasting the tree with my cocoa!


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