Happy New Year!!

I just realized that I did not write a New Year’s post, so here it is, guys!

Happy 2014!! I cannot believe 2013 is already history; I hope I’m not the only one that thinks it sped by in the wink of an eye. It seems that as I grow up, years really do go by faster than they did back when I was a child. Perhaps it’s because back then I wasn’t nearly as busy as I am now, and we all know that when you’re busy, time flies.

Right now I’ll recap for you my New Year’s and then I’d love for you to share the fun things you did! On New Year’s Eve my other half and I ventured to McGurk’s , an Irish pub that’s nestled amongst Soulard’s narrow, brick town homes. I have always loved everything Irish–and I mean EVERYTHING–so I was right at home in this place! Sean ordered his fave–Guiness–but I can’t even stand the taste of that, so I ordered a glass of Malbech instead and a shot of Jameson. Sean and I talked for hours as we awaited the stroke of midnight, and then, when that anticipated hour struck, we shared a 2014 smooch! 😉

Sean and I at McGurk’s enjoying our NYE

My Jameson shot awaiting me!

On New Years Day night, my mom decided to “steal” a scrumptious recipe from a friend of ours for Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches. Adding a little bit of cinnamon to the waffle mix turned out to be a great idea! I urge you to try it out cuz I know you won’t be disappointed! They were so darn good.

My Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich


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