Long Live Hard Rock

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged in almost two months guys, but it’s for very good and busy reasons! My job at both magazines, Yoga & Spa Magazine and Missouri Meetings & Events magazine, has been going very well! About a month ago my yoga and spa magazine boss asks me if I’d like to go to Riviera Maya for four days, all-inclusive, and write a 2-page spread on the Hard Rock Hotel and Spa!! I was like, “uh, hello, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!” The Hard Rock Hotel chain had just opened their Riviera Maya location and they were holding their first FAM trip ever!! Me, along with 5 other magazine editors were invited to be pampered and treated like VIP for 4 days!! I left on June 26th and returned the 29th! The following are amazing pics from all my adventures! Enjoy!


My room would get cleaned a bajillion times a day, and sometimes I’d find a towel animal like this little elephant guy!


Me standing in front of one of the underground springs in which we swam! I jumped in from the ledge!


The gorgeous property at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.









We went to a bar in Playa del Carmen where the seats where swings! The bartender also made these shots from one mixture. We’re still trying to figure out how he got all the colors!! Mystery!


A gorgeous palm plant in the jungle!


Me along with 4 of the other girls! I’m second to the right!


A cabana at the beach!

10502214_10203271249735083_1430663629895188096_n (1)

Six of us, minus two on the beach at Tulum! Right near the Mayan ruins!


Hart Rock, yeah!


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