Earth to Emma…


Hi guys! Yes, I’m here. I am so so sorry for not writing since, let’s see, about half a year or more ago. Life has pretty much taken control of me and I’m finally trying to reverse that. I’m still in my beautiful little apartment and actually helped my girlfriend, Chelsea, move into hers just 5 minutes away from me! Yay! (Major girls movie nights coming up). Here are a few life moments that have happened since I last wrote:

  • my beloved pet rabbit of 9 years died last July
  • I now have a lovely, all-white guinea pig named Ellie (in honor of my rabbit, Eppie)
  • circumstances forced me to leave my job working for two magazines and I am now Communications Coordinator at a private club here in St. Louis
  • two of my brothers are in the Coast Guard, one is stationed in Michigan, and the other in Virginia

So, yeah, my life has changed a bit since I last wrote, but I hope to share with all of you my beautiful little reality more often from now on 😉



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