Welcome to Une Belle Realite, the blog that I created exclusively (well not exclusively, hahaha) for those searching for the beauty in everyday things. For those who aren’t so much into foreign languages, Une Belle Realite stands for A Beautiful Reality, although I’m sure most of you could have guessed that! Though I am not French, my friend, Ana, came up with the idea of the title because we do live in a city that was founded by the French–St. Louis, Missouri. And, I do somewhat share my love of the French culture with my mom who is an enthusiast.

I am somewhat new to the blogging scene, but after watching Julie and Julia, one of my favorite movies, I fell in love with the idea of being able to publish my thoughts and share my discoveries, ideas and heartfelt words to people who would listen. I am a bit of a complainer (well, mostly a complainer) so I wanted this blog to revolve around finding blessings in the humdrum routines of daily life in which most of us find ourselves. I’m sure if we look, there are glimpses of beauty and wonder in the small things that surround us. So I encourage you to accompany me on this journey as I try to discover and uncover the lovely amazements that exist in my life. Hopefully I will learn to be more content as a result!

Avec Amour,

Emma Rose



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