1544421_10202058268651314_1588501611_nHey there! If you’d like to know a little about the mastermind behind this blog, you’ve come to the right place. I am a 28-yr-old writing enthusiast who’s trying to find her way in the world. Ever since I was in middle school, I always enjoyed putting words down on paper; my favorite class was English. I guess I’d say that I love creative writing more than anything else. And what’s a better outlet for creative writing other than a blog? I am Communications Coordinator at the Missouri Athletic Club as well as social media coordinator.

Outside of writing, I keep myself busy as a freelance assistant editor for an events magazine here in St. Louis and I also work full-time as an executive assistant. Two nights a week I relieve all my stress by taking flamenco dancing lessons (I’ve been dancing for 11 years now). And last but surely not least, I spend time with my special guy who I’ve been dating for three years.

Follow me here too:

Twitter- @chicgurl88
Instagram – @chicgurl88



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