Carnival Nails

My latest set of Jamberry nails in Carnival! See them here and order your own set. They have tons and tons of designs to choose from! #perfectmanicureforlessmoolah



Mary Kay Consultant

mary kay

Hi everyone! These past months have been flying by with everything I’m involve in–from working for 2 magazines to yoga and taking flamenco classes. But, I must say that I’ve added yet another thing to my plate: being a Mary Kay Consultant! If you would like to try the product or order something from me, please let me know!

We offer a variety of makeup and skin care products that leave your skin looking angelic (I know because after trying their mineral foundation and eye color, I immediately fell in love). Please click here for the latest online catalogue and check out Mary Kay’s fabulous line of holiday gifts here.



DIY: Wall Decals

So this Saturday, I attempted to put up some wall decals on my bare apartment walls! I had found these at Target, and after some detailed work (you definitely need two people for this tree decal), the end result was just what I wanted! We added the “blowing leaves” effect to fill out the space more.


We also added these wine bottle decals to a bare kitchen wall! Totally made the space more welcoming and inviting! Plus, who doesn’t want wine bottles in their kitchen??



Hold On To Hope

It’s hard to hold onto hope, especially in this world full of despair, killing and uncertainty. But, it’s the only thing that we can pretty much hold onto–the one thing that can always be present if we let it.

I’m going through a rough time right now, and the next six months will prove to be trying and just plain hard. But I keep telling myself that I have a choice as to how I choose to live these coming days. I can choose to be depressed and discouraged or I can choose to be hopeful and perseverant. We all have this choice to make in our lives. Make sure you choose hope.   In this, you will be victorious.

“The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Two Towers

Photo by my mom, Kari R. Frey

Photo by my mom, Kari R. Frey

Yoga & Spa Magazine, Summer 2014 Issue

Most of you know that I work for two magazines here in the Lou, and one of them is Yoga & Spa Magazine. On Thursday, we had an exclusive party celebrating our new summer issue, and over 100 fans, readers and advertisers came to party! But today, my man and I drove around the entire city, delivering said magazines to all of our distribution points! It was a fun road trip to say the least! Here’s the cover, it’s so gorgeous. I wrote around nine articles and blurbs in this issue, so I must say it’s one of my greatest achievements thus far! Visit to see an online edition of this issue! Also follow us on Twitter @YogaandSpaMag and on Facebook @ Yoga & Spa Magazine.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Saturday Funday

So today, I met up with two of my girlfriends at Allstar Tattoo here in the Lou. Amanda wanted to get a monroe piercing, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get second piercings in my ears!! I had been wanting to for awhile, and, ya know, when you’re with your gals, it’s always more fun!

Here’re my new hoops I got today


Amand with her new monroe, Chelsea, and I


Also played tennis for the first time with my man

Long Live Hard Rock

I cannot believe I haven’t blogged in almost two months guys, but it’s for very good and busy reasons! My job at both magazines, Yoga & Spa Magazine and Missouri Meetings & Events magazine, has been going very well! About a month ago my yoga and spa magazine boss asks me if I’d like to go to Riviera Maya for four days, all-inclusive, and write a 2-page spread on the Hard Rock Hotel and Spa!! I was like, “uh, hello, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!” The Hard Rock Hotel chain had just opened their Riviera Maya location and they were holding their first FAM trip ever!! Me, along with 5 other magazine editors were invited to be pampered and treated like VIP for 4 days!! I left on June 26th and returned the 29th! The following are amazing pics from all my adventures! Enjoy!


My room would get cleaned a bajillion times a day, and sometimes I’d find a towel animal like this little elephant guy!


Me standing in front of one of the underground springs in which we swam! I jumped in from the ledge!


The gorgeous property at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.









We went to a bar in Playa del Carmen where the seats where swings! The bartender also made these shots from one mixture. We’re still trying to figure out how he got all the colors!! Mystery!


A gorgeous palm plant in the jungle!


Me along with 4 of the other girls! I’m second to the right!


A cabana at the beach!

10502214_10203271249735083_1430663629895188096_n (1)

Six of us, minus two on the beach at Tulum! Right near the Mayan ruins!


Hart Rock, yeah!