DIY Cheap + Chic Wreath, Plus Some Rabbits

Ok guys, it’s been foreverrrrr since I last posted. I’ve gone through a job-change, breakup and more since I last wrote, so bear with me! But just today I made this amazing spring wreath for my front door. It was cheap to make yet also looks very chic and very much real! This was made from a very inexpensive grapevine wreath that you can fine at your local hobby store along with cheap, dollar-store flowers!


Another Easter-y post I wanted to share with you all is my collection of bunnies. I have had a thing for rabbits since I was young and actually had a pet rabbit who lived for 9 years (this was long for a rabbit when their average lifespan is 5-7 years). Below is a collage of all the rabbit-y things I’ve collected over the years.



Mary Kay Consultant

mary kay

Hi everyone! These past months have been flying by with everything I’m involve in–from working for 2 magazines to yoga and taking flamenco classes. But, I must say that I’ve added yet another thing to my plate: being a Mary Kay Consultant! If you would like to try the product or order something from me, please let me know!

We offer a variety of makeup and skin care products that leave your skin looking angelic (I know because after trying their mineral foundation and eye color, I immediately fell in love). Please click here for the latest online catalogue and check out Mary Kay’s fabulous line of holiday gifts here.



Yoga & Spa Magazine, Summer 2014 Issue

Most of you know that I work for two magazines here in the Lou, and one of them is Yoga & Spa Magazine. On Thursday, we had an exclusive party celebrating our new summer issue, and over 100 fans, readers and advertisers came to party! But today, my man and I drove around the entire city, delivering said magazines to all of our distribution points! It was a fun road trip to say the least! Here’s the cover, it’s so gorgeous. I wrote around nine articles and blurbs in this issue, so I must say it’s one of my greatest achievements thus far! Visit to see an online edition of this issue! Also follow us on Twitter @YogaandSpaMag and on Facebook @ Yoga & Spa Magazine.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

10 Days Of Flamenco

I am so sorry for being nonexistent for a few days! In a few posts past, I’ve blogged about my love of flamenco, including pictures and such of the art. Well, this past Friday (Valentines Day), my flamenco company put on our huge Valentines a la Flamenca extravaganza! We invited guest artists from Spain to be a part of the show and it was incredible to say the least. The entire past year pretty much has been full of getting ready for this show, so a lot was hanging on this pivotal evening. I was just so blessed to be able to work and dance onstage with these fantastic dancers. Here are some misc photos of the show.

Here I am dancing my solo, Tientos.

Kate and I dancing the Alegrias with bata de cola (trail dress) and mantones (shawl).

Dancing the Cana

Argiro and Marcos, guest artists from Spain


Valentines Day… oops, I thought since it’s Valentine’s Day and all that I should change up my font color! Voila! Did that make your heart a little more happy? Hope so! So, as I was saying…Valentine’s Day. The holiday of love–for some, that is. I’m fortunate enough to not be spending it alone, but I am writing this post not only for those who have beaus but also for those who don’t. If you’re a gal that is heartbroken that you don’t have a guy this holiday, use the time to do things for YOU!! Love YOURSELF! Or, in the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation, TREAT YOSELF!!! 

My friend, Sara Patino, who’s also the artisan of the fabulous jewelry collection, Sara Patino Jewelry, has just the perfect remedy! Her LOVE ring, made from 14K gold and hand-stamped with LOVE around the band, is the greatest way to tell yourself that you’re worth it! Click here to order one! Use code LOVESPJ to receive 20% off your order!

LOVE rings

The True You

I’d like to share with all you ladies out there a magazine that, to me, is a breath of fresh air in the industry of women’s print media. Verily is a mag that touches on all kinds of subjects–culture, fashion, relationships, and cooking. This read celebrates the best of who you are and, what’s most awesome about this mag, is that all their models are natural–no airbrushing or Photoshop allowed. I think this in itself is one of the best things you can do for a woman’s self esteem because I know I hate seeing seemingly perfect women in the media who represent an image real women could never hope to achieve.

True to its name, Verily stands for empowering women and challenging them to be true to themselves and what they stand for. In a media world full of lies and fake images, this magazine is truly a breath of fresh air and something that all women need to start reading. Click here to subscribe and click here to read more about this amazing magazine.