DIY Cheap + Chic Wreath, Plus Some Rabbits

Ok guys, it’s been foreverrrrr since I last posted. I’ve gone through a job-change, breakup and more since I last wrote, so bear with me! But just today I made this amazing spring wreath for my front door. It was cheap to make yet also looks very chic and very much real! This was made from a very inexpensive grapevine wreath that you can fine at your local hobby store along with cheap, dollar-store flowers!


Another Easter-y post I wanted to share with you all is my collection of bunnies. I have had a thing for rabbits since I was young and actually had a pet rabbit who lived for 9 years (this was long for a rabbit when their average lifespan is 5-7 years). Below is a collage of all the rabbit-y things I’ve collected over the years.




I thought I’d dedicate this post to my furry friend, Eppie. She’s been my pet rabbit for 8 years and I bought her when she was nought but a wee bunny! I am so glad to have her in my life because she has brought nothing but smiles, giggles and elation to me. She and I cuddle, she licks and nudges me and I kiss her on the mouth sometimes! I call her a diva because sometimes she’s so lazy she won’t even get up to eat; she’ll just stick her head in the food bowl. She also lies down with her front feet crossed and she spends a lot of her day primping. She’s so beautiful. If you’re wondering where I got her name from, it’s found in the book, Silas Marner.

Bunnies Everywhere

Ever since I was young I have always had a love of rabbits. Eight years ago, I read every single book in the library on rabbit care and finally got myself a furry friend. I was hoping for an all-black Holland Lop, but when I laid eyes on Eppie, I fell for her. We call her the “broken bunny” because she’s supposed to be a Lop but her ears don’t lop. She’s sandy brown with white and she’s been my gal for 8 years so far.