Yoga for Healthy Hips


As women, the only thoughts we have about our hips include “my love handles are too big”, “my hips look weird in this skirt” and “can someone help me get rid of this excess fat?” But, have we ever given second thought to the health of our hips?

Our hips contain 17 muscles and not taking proper care of those muscles can result in numerous health issues such as back pain and poor balance just to name a few. What can we do to make sure our hips are that the top of their health? Do yoga!

Check out this link for some amazing yet simple yoga poses to work your hip muscles and increase their range of motion! You’ll be happy you did! And your hips will thank you!



Yoga & Spa Magazine, Summer 2014 Issue

Most of you know that I work for two magazines here in the Lou, and one of them is Yoga & Spa Magazine. On Thursday, we had an exclusive party celebrating our new summer issue, and over 100 fans, readers and advertisers came to party! But today, my man and I drove around the entire city, delivering said magazines to all of our distribution points! It was a fun road trip to say the least! Here’s the cover, it’s so gorgeous. I wrote around nine articles and blurbs in this issue, so I must say it’s one of my greatest achievements thus far! Visit to see an online edition of this issue! Also follow us on Twitter @YogaandSpaMag and on Facebook @ Yoga & Spa Magazine.

Summer 2014

Summer 2014

My New Best Friend —> Mr. Foam Roller

Although I fork out money each month for a gym membership, sometimes the weather is just to crappy to venture outside. During one of my gym assessments, I was introduced to the Foam Roller! This guy will leave you feeling like you just got a massage! Use it on your hamstrings, your calves, adductors and back. Not only does this guy increase circulation, but it also massages out muscle knots and helps align the spine. I plan on using mine next week after each flamenco rehearsal! 

GAIAM foam roller, Target, $25


Walking Runway For Athleta

I just got back from working the runway at Plaza Frontenac during the Live Fit Expo! I modeled yoga wear from Athleta and strutted my stuff on the runway!  Hair and makeup was done by Metro Design.

I LOVED wearing this stuff and wish I coulda taken it home with me. That shirt was the softest and most comfy thing I’ve ever worn. And that scarf? Well I was totally obsessed with it!